Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saptashloki Durga

7 Shlokas or verses in praise of the Mother Goddess, here referred to under various names, Bhagavati, Trayambika, Gouri Narayani and Shiva.

Recite this to gain the blessings of the Mother daily during Navaratri.

 1. Gyaninaamapi Chetaansi Devi Bhagavati Hi Saa
    Balaadaakrishya Mohaya Mahamaaya Prayachchhati

"Mahamaya devi" attracts the attention of all, even scholars forcibly, 
and sinks them in to the well of desire, affection and attachment.

 2. Durge Smrita Harasi BheetimashEsha Janto
    Swasthaiha Smrita Matimateeva Shubhaam Dadaasi
    Daaridrya Duhkh Bhaya Harini Kaa Twadanya
    Sarvopakaara Karanaaya Sadaardra Chitta
Durga, when remembered, relieves fears of all who are in trouble. 
Grants intellect and well being if remembered by them, who are not in trouble. 
She relieves woe, fear, and poverty. 
She is always kind hearted, interested in everyone's welfare.

3. Sarvamangala Mangalye Shive Sarvaartha Sadhike
    Sharanye Tryambika Gauri Naraayani Namostute

She converts every affliction into pleasure. She is called 'Shiva', fulfilling all needs. 
I seek shelter from 'Tyambika', 'Gouri' and salute to 'Narayani'.

4. Sharanaagata Deenarta Paritraana Paraayane
    Sarvashaarti Hare Devi Naraayani Namostute

She is always eager to help the poor, the sad and relieves their pain, those to take shelter of her. 
I salute to 'Narayani'. 

5. Sarvaswaroope Sarveshe Sarva Shakti Samanvite    
    Bhayibhya Straahi No Devi Durga Devi Namostute

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, master of all, save me from all my fears. 
I salute to Durga Devi.

6. Rogaanasheshaa Napahansi Tushtaa
    Rushtaa tu Kamaan Sakalaabeeshtaan
    Twaamaa Shritaanaam na VipanaraaNaam
    Twaamaa Shritaa Hyaa Shrayataam Prayanti

She, when pleased, relieves all diseases and destroys all the desirable things if unpleased. 
The men in your protection do not remain poor, but they are empowered to provide shelter to others.

7. Saravaa Baadhaa Prashamanam Trailokya Shaakhileshwari
    Evameva Twayaa Kaaryam Asmad Vairi Vinaashanam

Suppressing all the obstacles of happiness, the only master of the three worlds, (Sky, Earth and Below), your work is to destroy my enemies.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 9 - Navami

The ninth form of Mother Durga is Siddhiratri.
She possesses supernatural healing powers, and even Lord Shiva was bestowed these powers when he worshipped her, as told in the Devi Bhagvata Purana.

Sevya-mana sada bhuyaat siddhidha siddhidayani

Om Siddhiratrai Namah

On the last day, turquoise or peacock green is the colour of choice for devotees.

Day 8 - Ashtami

MahaGauri is worshipped on the eight day of Navratri.
Her power is unfailing and instantly fruitful and devotees are purified of their sins.
Because of her long penances in the forest, she developed a dark complexion and when Lord Shiva cleaned her with the water of the Ganges, her body regained its beauty and she became MahaGauri, meaning extremely white.

Shvete vrishaye sama-roodha shvetam-bardhara shuchi
Mahagauri shubham dadhaan-mahadev-prmodada

Om Mahagauriye Namah

On this day, violet is worn by devotees of Ma Durga.

Day 7 - Saptami

On the seventh day, Ma Durga is worshipped as Kaalratri.
Her name means scourer of darkness, enemy of darkness and ignorance.
Her gesture of protection assures us freedom from fear and troubles. She is also known as Shubhamkari.

Ekvedi japa-karnapura nagna kharsthita
Lamboshthi karnika-karni tailabhyakt shareerini
Vaam-paadill-sallohalta kashtak-bhushna vardhan-moordh-dhvaja
Krishna kaalraatrira-bhayankari

Om Kalratrayai Namah

Yellow is worn today by Ma Durga's devotees.

Day 6 - Shasti

The sixth form of Mother Durga is known as Katyayani.
She was the daughter of Katya, a renowned sage, who underwent long austerities and penance to receive the grace of the Mother, as he wished to have a daughter. Katyayani was thus born as an avatar of Durga.

Chandra-hasojalkara shardul-varvahna
Katyayini-shubham dadha devi daanva-ghatini
Om Katyayanai Namah

This day, devotees wear the colour blue.

Day 5 - Panchami

The fifth avatar of Mother Durga is Skand Mata, the mother of Skanda.
She was chosen by the gods to lead the war against the demons.
It is believed that by the mercy of Skandmata, even the foolish becomes an ocean of knowledge.

Singha-sangata nityam padmashrit kardhya
Shubh-dastu sada devi skandmata yasha-svini

Om Skandmatraye Namah

On the fifth day, devotees usually wear red clothing.

Day 4 - Chaturthi

Ma Durga's fourth incarnation is Kushmanda.
Her name, Ku=little, ushma=warmth, anda=cosmic egg, she is considered the creator, and her light spreads in all directions like rays from the sun.

Sura-sampoorna-kalasham rudhira-plutmev cha
Dadhana hastpadhya-bhyam Kushmanda-shubhdastu me

Om Kushmandyaye Namah

This day, devotees may choose to wear white.